Should You Let Your Kids Wear Contact Lenses?

Should You Let Your Kids Wear Contact Lenses?

Having eye problems is not limited to adults only. Even kids can have vision difficulties. A lot of kids nowadays wear eyeglasses to help them see clearly.

Aside from eyeglasses, another option to improve and correct vision is contact lenses. Most adults wear contact lenses but is it safe for kids? What’s the right age to have kids wear contact lenses?

There comes a time when kids start asking about contact lenses especially if they have been wearing eyeglasses for some time already. Most parents are adamant in letting their kids wear contact lenses because they appear to be less safe compared to eyeglasses.

kids wearing contact lenses

Why Wear Contact Lenses?

 There are a number of reasons why your kids may need to wear contact lenses. Here are a few:

  1. If your kids are into sports, wearing eyeglasses can be limiting. Contact lenses will help them move freely. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses are clearer because they don’t fog up if your kids are already sweaty. When they run, as most outdoor sports include running, contact lenses can’t get knocked off.

kids wearing contact lenses playing outdoor

  1. Wearing ortho-K lenses can help correct nearsightedness in kids. Orthokeratology is the use of gas permeable contact lenses that aids in reshaping the cornea provisionally. This helps correct nearsighted vision. What happens is that your kids will wear the contact lenses at night and remove the next day. It makes vision clearer and sharper even without eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  1. Most kids don’t want to wear eyeglasses because they don’t want to appear different compared to their friends and classmates. Wearing eyeglasses sometimes lower their self-esteem as they feel their blurred vision is a weakness. Wearing contact lenses will make their so-called “weakness” invisible, thereby, increasing their self-esteem.

 Are Contact Lenses Safe For Kids?

Your kids’ eyes can actually handle contact lenses even at an early age. You might be surprised that they can actually apply or remove the contact lens even without their parent’s assistance.

Yes, they are safe as long as they are applied and removed correctly. Always follow the instructions for the application of contact lenses. It is best to consult your Ottawa optometrist to ensure you are doing the right thing. The optometrist will also decide whether your child is already capable of using contact lenses.

Another thing to consider is the maturity of your child. Make sure that when you decide to let your child wear contact lenses, he is already responsible enough. If your child is not that responsible yet, chances are he’ll forget that he’s wearing contact lenses and this can lead to serious eye problems. Contact lenses also need to be properly taken care of so make sure your child knows how to do this.

So should you let your kids wear contact lenses? Yes, if they need to.