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Eye Exam

Early detection of disease is important to detect preventable vision loss.

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$80 exams are free for teens under 19 years and for seniors over 65. The stigma many have that only people who wear glasses need to to have their eyes examined could not be farther from the truth. Even with 20/20 vision, 1 in 7 Canadians will be diagnosed with an serious eye related condition in their life time. During an eye exam, our optometrist will not only check the prescription of your eyes, but will also use advanced tools to detect eye diseases including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, cataracts, glaucoma, and much more.

Laser Vision

Thinking of getting laser surgery? We can help answer your questions.

See the Modern World in HD.

Laser vision correction is one of the most exciting technological advances in the history of eye care. It is performed with an excimer laser, which combines argon and fluoride gases to produce a “cool”, ultra-violet light. Your surgeon uses the computer-guided excimer laser to gently alter the shape of your cornea through a series of ultra precise pulses. It does not cut or burn. Each pulse removes a remarkable 39 millionths of an inch in 12 billionths of a second! We do not actually perform the operation on site, however we will help you every step of the way before your surgery.

Contact Lenses

We make the world of contact lenses easy and help get you started.

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Contact Lens Exams are $35 and we also have contact lens for you to try and buy at our location. We provide contact lens prescriptions for current contact lens wearers, as well as fitting, teaching, and training sessions for newbies. Even if you wear bifocals or progressives, contact lenses can still be a great option. We carry a wide variety of contact lenses, winch include: daily disposables, biweekly disposables, monthly disposables, Toric (for astigmatism), multifocal (for presbyopia), and colored lenses. We also carry a wide selection of brand name contacts from different manufacturers.

Children’s Eye Exams (FREE)

Recent surveys show that most children under the age of 4 have not yet had their eyes examined by an optometrist. Eye Exams are fully covered by OHIP once a year up to the age of 19.

Your Child’s Health Taken Seriously

Visiting the optometrist to check your child’s vision should be just as important as check-ups to the doctor or dentist.  A common misconception is that children need to be able to read before they can have their eyes examined by an optometrist. In fact, this is not the case, as your optometrist will use special tests to ensure that your child’s vision and eyes are developing normally. All children should have their first eye exam as early as 6 months of age, and all children should have seen their optometrist at least once by the age of 3. Children’s eye exams are covered yearly by OHIP until they turn 20. Since 80% of learning is visual, an undiagnosed vision problem can lead to poor school performance, or misdiagnosis of learning disabilities. Parents should not rely on their children to let them know if there is something wrong with their vision, as most children do not know when their vision is not normal. Research shows that 98% of optometrists detect vision problems in children despite the parents’ claim of 20-20 vision. During an eye exam, our optometrist will assess not only your child’s vision, but also the ability of their eyes to coordinate, as well as assess the general health of the front and back of the eye.

Seniors (FREE)

Eye exams for those 65 and old are covered by OHIP on a yearly basis.

Get the best vision of your life today.

The risk of certain eye related disease can increase with age. That is why it is important for all seniors age 65 and older to have a yearly eye exam. During a comprehensive eye exam, our optometrist will exam your eyes for ocular diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Diagnosing an eye condition in its early stage increases your chances of preserving your vision.

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