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Protecting Your Eyes From Snowblindness

Protecting Your Eyes From Snowblindness

Snowblindness is an excruciating eye condition. Its medical term is “photokeratitis”. It is usually caused by too long or too much exposure to the dangerous ultraviolet light. This is the reason why people who ski or snowboard are asked to wear snow googles. These googles block UV radiation.

If it is any consolation, snowblindness is not permanent. In most cases, you simply have to give your eyes some rest and don’t expose them to ultraviolet light for a few days. However, there are times when the case becomes a bit more complicated. Sometimes snowblindness can lead to solar retinopathy. This is a disorder that can lead to permanent vision loss. If you experience snowblindness and it does not get better even after 48 hours, it is advisable to visit your Ottawa eye doctor and get checked.


Protecting your eyes from snowblindness