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What is Glaucoma?

  When the eye’s optic nerve is damaged, it can lead to impaired vision or blindness. This is called glaucoma. This eye problem can easily be detected during an eye examination. Diabetes patients are usually more prone to glaucoma. Because

What Is A Refractive Error?

One of the common eye problems that most adults experience is refractive error. This eye problem affects children sometimes too. What is refractive error? It happens when the light that enters your eyes does not bend correctly. This results to

5 Most Common Eye Problems

  Most eye issues have no early indications. Symptoms of eye problems may not be noticeable on its initial stages, until it becomes quite advanced. This is the reason why most people only go for eye exam when they are

Protecting Your Eyes From Snowblindness

Snowblindness is an excruciating eye condition. Its medical term is “photokeratitis”. It is usually caused by too long or too much exposure to the dangerous ultraviolet light. This is the reason why people who ski or snowboard are asked to

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